Netroute provides investors with capital appreciation from innovative technology companies.

About Us

Netroute Corporation is a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) to be incorporated in the United States for the purpose of acquiring, through mergers and acquisitions, technology-focused businesses operating in Africa and other emerging markets.

Developing economies are almost always more attractive as digital growth markets than advanced markets. Two-thirds of mobile users live in the developing world, with Africa often quoted by the ITU and GSMA as the fastest growing mobile region in the world. Mobile users are both the drivers and beneficiaries of the digital economy and are inherent to our strategy.

Netroute intends to finance strategic acquisitions of disruptive digital startups and operating companies with proceeds from an initial public offering of its securities. For discerning investors seeking attractive capital appreciation and access to a lucrative industry, the company provides superior risk adjusted returns that will prove to be compelling when compared to other asset classes over the medium term.

Venture capital and private equity have long been the exclusive domain of high net worth investors. High minimum investment sizes served as a deterrent to participation by a broader retail market. But now it is possible to access and benefit from an innovative investment strategy focused on the digital economies of emerging markets.

Technology stocks have demonstrated resilience with insulated gains while markets suffered the systemic effects of the drop in China growth and global commodity prices. Investing in alternative assets, like private equity in an emerging market digital economy, can bring significant growth benefits and geographical diversification even to traditional investors and technology funds, offering access to burgeoning new markets beyond the United States and Europe.

Netroute seeks to capitalize on the substantial deal sourcing, investing and operating expertise of its management team and advisory board to identify and combine with businesses in the digital economy including financial technology, e-solutions for public services, media and entertainment, gaming and related businesses with high growth potential in emerging markets and potentially advanced economies.

Netroute Corporation brings a unique investment opportunity to the doorsteps of US investors and does so as an "emerging growth company" under applicable federal securities laws for the protection of its investors.

Our Strategy

Netroute's strategy fits tactically into a US investor's existing investment strategy while accounting for market differentiation. We have two key principles: minimize risk by offering an instrument that is subject to the scrutiny of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC); and maximize returns by acquiring disruptive, undervalued technology companies focusing their operations on emerging markets.

Digital Economy Targets

Netroute seeks to acquire one or more businesses involved in the digital economy: financial technology, e-solutions for public services, media and entertainment, gaming and related businesses like those engaged in mobile social platforms, payments, advertising and coupons. Acquisitions may extend to distributors of low-cost smartphones and wireless services in emerging markets to capture potential users of digital services.

Lucrative Emerging Markets

Netroute seeks out opportunities in faster-growing segments of developed markets and emerging international markets. Developing economies are almost always more attractive as digital growth markets than advanced markets. Our management team has extensive experience operating businesses and leading transactions in international markets including Africa

Revenue Growth Potential

Netroute seeks to acquire one or more businesses that have multiple, diverse potential drivers of revenue and earnings growth, including but not limited to a combination of development, production, digital and distribution capabilities and balance sheet management. We will focus on assets that are currently undervalued or sub-optimally managed, including those undergoing debt or operational restructuring, where our management team and advisory board are well-positioned to unlock value.

Cash Flow Generation

Netroute seeks to acquire one or more businesses that have the potential to generate strong and stable free cash flow.

Our Team

Our management team's significant operating and transaction experience and relationships with companies in the target sectors will provide Netroute Corporation with a substantial number of potential acquisition targets. Over the course of their careers, the members of our management team have developed a broad network of contacts and corporate relationships in emerging markets around the world including Africa, South America and Asia.

Our advisory board consists of highly reputable business individuals who have developed broad professional networks from serving on the boards of directors of prominent companies. Netroute continually identifies and approaches experienced professionals from different disciplines and business leaders in various industries to augment its advisory board and support the management team. We believe having fresh input from varied sources is important to maintaining efficient, credible and risk-managed execution of our investment strategy.

The professional network has grown through the activities of our management team and advisory board sourcing, acquiring and financing businesses, the reputation of our team for integrity and fair dealing with sellers, financing sources and target management teams and the experience of our team in executing transactions under varying economic and financial market conditions.

This professional network has provided our team with deal flow and referrals that resulted in transactions which were proprietary or where a limited group of investors were invited to participate. Emerging markets have produced a number of technology companies that have succeeded in the United States. However, early investors who benefited from the upside remain an exclusive few. We believe that the network of contacts and relationships of our team will provide important sources of investment opportunities to benefit Netroute Corporation and its broad investor base.

In addition, we anticipate that target business acquisition candidates will be brought to our attention from various unaffiliated sources, including investment market participants, private equity funds and large enterprises seeking to divest non-core assets or divisions.

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